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Introducing Fragrance & Beauty Powerhouse, Chernique!

Chernique Williams grew up loving all things fragrant. From a young age, Chernique always knew that she would one day create her own line. The brand, named after herself started with a fragrance line and later grew with an adding cosmetics as well. In order to pursue her dream, Chernique packed her bags and left her home in Virginia to make it happen and since then, she has created a brand that stands out like no other. Join us as we got to know more about Chernique Williams and her entrepreneurial spirit.

Tell us about yourself and your brand.

My name is Chernique and I am the owner and founder of Chernique. I chose to use my name as it is uniquely different and so are all of the products. Chernique initially began as a fragrance line for men and women. In the latter portion of 2018, we expanded into a cosmetics line as well.

What inspired you to transition from Petersburg, Virginia to Clearwater, Florida?

That’s a great question! After I received my bachelor’s degree, I felt that there was more for me out there. I felt as though I had outgrown my city. I always wanted to live in a warm climate. I also wanted to be by the water so I set my sights to move to Florida in order to start a new life and business adventure. I said I was going to take a chance and that’s what I did. I moved to Florida and I’ve been here for approximately 14 years.

What made you want to come out with your own line of cosmetics and fragrance?

I would say my love for fragrances started when I was about 15-years-old. I would always visit the fragrance counter at the local malls to see what was new at the time. I just had to be there and experience it. I was that person that was putting on more than half of the bottle of the fragrance because I loved it so much (laughs). My sisters would always be like, “Oh my gosh, you have on too much of that stuff!” (laughs) I just loved it so much and I wanted it to last. I would say my love for fragrances started earlier on. After I became an adult, my love for fragrances didn’t end, in fact, it intensified. Currently on my dresser, I have an excessive amount of fragrances from other companies. I decided I was going to stop making other people rich and come out with my own line. I started Chernique in 2016 for men and women.

Tell us about your favorite product from Chernique Cosmetics.

My favorite product currently would be the Chernique lipstick and lip glosses. My current favorite from those would be the Vitamin E lip conditioner. It makes your lips feel very smooth and it is a great moisturizer. It is my go-to product, before I put on anything, I start with the lip conditioner.

What can we expect to see from Chernique Williams in the future?

Well, I’m constantly looking to expand my brand. I want to at some point offer a handbag line as well! To be honest with you, the possibilities are endless because once you start to create one thing, it’s like now you have that bug. You want to keep creating. It becomes addicting to create something and you get a great feeling when you are able to bring it to fruition. To answer your question, what can you expect from Chernique? You can expect me to manifest any goal that I set out to accomplish and expect success!

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